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Community Expansions

Attention: Clever Clanker has moved!

Please visit the new Clever Clanker wiki for all future content.

Rise of the First Order

View the Rise of the First Order Community Expansion

Click here

Reminder: This website is non-profit, unofficial, and fan created content. Clever Clanker is not affiliated or sponsored by Fantasy Flight Games, Atomic Mass Games, Star Wars, or Disney.

3 thoughts on “Community Expansions

  1. Hi, my son and myself are a real big fan of your work. We recently got a 3d Resin printer and began printing 3D minis for the cards you created. Then we decided to continue you work and expanded into Episodes 8 & 9.

    We also setup the files, including yours in a professional template with bleed lines so when the print shop prints the cards and cuts them that there will be no white trim.

    We would like to share what we started with you and get your feedback. We would gladly take any advices, tips to collaboratively finish this project. I uploaded the previews on my Google drive and you can preview the cards from there.

    If you are able to review and give feedback, please fire off an email to me and we can go from there. Cheers!

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