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Tusken Territory

“ We’d best get indoors. The Sandpeople are easily startled, but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers. ”
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Tuskens, less formally referred to as “Sand People”, are a culture of nomadic, primitive sentients indigenous to Tatooine, where they are often hostile to local settlers and intruders. The battlefield has expanded into their territory and they’re ready to defend it with their lives.

Within this Community Expansion, you’ll find 2 types of units that form aggressive threats to your armies as you fight for supremacy. Included are the condition unit cards for the unpredictable Tusken Raiders and the massive Bantha Rider.

In Greater Numbers

The amount of Tusken units on the battlefield and where they are positioned is your choice, each unit will increase the difficulty and casualties of the battle. After deciding the amount of Tusken units that will enter the fray, use the Tusken Territory condition card to deploy them on the battlefield.

Once said by the infamous Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Tuskens are easily startled, but will return in greater numbers. This true with these conditions units as well. Each time a Tusken unit is panicked off the battlefield, a new Tusken Raider unit arrives to reinforce their tribe. The Skirmish version of this condition game type reduces the number of total tusken units on the battlefield, however it adds 1 tusken mini upgrade to the Tusken Raider unit to bolster their numbers.

Tusken Raiders

Fearsome desert savages inhabiting the rocky Jundland Wastes, Tusken Raiders are the foremost reason Tatooine colonists do not wander far from their isolated communities. Extremely territorial, the Tusken Raiders will attack with very little provocation. They show no allegiance to even their native world-mates, as these nomads will gather in great numbers large enough to attack any threat.

This condition unit comes with a custom keyword: Hostile, which will cause them to attack the closest enemy unit that moves within their deadly range. Tusken Raiders are equipped with their signature gaffi stick for melee combat and slugthrowing cycler rifles, combine these weapons with their aggressive tactics and you’ll soon discover why these savages are so feared.

Bantha Rider

Banthas are large, furry mammals that travel in herds through Tatooine’s desert wastes. They serve as mounts for Tusken Raiders, and the two species share a close, almost mystical bond. Thickness and condition of a bantha’s horns are an indication of it’s health and environment. In the wild the bantha bulls fight each other by butting heads in ritual combat.

The Tuskens who ride these large creatures use these horns to their advantage to ram any trespassers who dare enter their land. Any foe who takes a head on collision with these monsters are sure to be out of commission. This unit also comes with the Hostile keyword making it a hairy situation when coming into close contact with the bantha. The rider equips himself with the Tusken signature cycler rifle and because of the bantha’s height it gives the rider an advantage when shooting down upon his enemies.

Do you play Legion on TableTop Simulator? Download the Tusken Territory Community Expansion!

Reminder: This is a non-profit, unofficial expansion, and fan creation. Clever Clanker is not affiliated or sponsored by Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars, or Disney.


4 thoughts on “Tusken Territory

  1. We’ve played with these for maybe 5 games. This was before the ‘greater numbers’ was added. We weren’t sure how to deal with supression, so we just didn’t apply it. The games are definietly fun, but can be devestating. Some issues we ran into…. alot of ‘passing’ the first round inorder to prevent the hostile keyword… passing isn’t fun. Hostile seems a little too strong. Every action can be disasterious… and typically it’s the 1st round of the game that it happens. Losing a mortar or a hero getting 3 wounds isn’t unheard from these lunatics. We are thinking of stipulating that hostile triggers once per activation, or “once dealing damage tuskens attack a new target if able.” That may tame them a bit. It’s definitely playabe as is though… and we’ve had alot of fun with it.


  2. bah, ignore my previously sent in comment, we’ve been playing wrong. Neither of us ACTUALLY read the full tusken territory card. We just assumed what Hostile meant.


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