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TerReign: Realm of Warriors

The throne sits empty, and the great Houses have chosen their champions to fight for the right to become the new Ruler of the Realm. Victory will depend on a warrior’s cunning, agility, and dueling expertise on the various terrains to prove they are worthy enough to sit upon the throne. Raise your banner, unsheathe your sword, and honor your House’s name by being the greatest warrior in the Realm, and thus becoming the new ruler of the TerReign!

TerReign: Realm of Warriors has players take control of a warrior from an esteemed House, each with it’s own unique trait and allows them to embark on an epic adventure to secure enough Reign tokens in order to claim the throne. Become the ultimate combatant in a game of secret agendas, item collecting, and an intense hidden selection combat system for 2 to 7 Warriors with Free for all and Team based game types!

Experience the various terrains and use their unique effects to your advantage, while also being wary of tornadoes, floods, cataclysms, and even the plague. In the end, only one warrior can become the Ruler of the Realm. Will it be You!?

Play now on Tabletop Simulator HERE!

Click here for the Rulebook

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