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Rancor Rampage

” Oh no! The Rancor! “
– C-3PO, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Rancors are towering hulks of muscle and reptilian flesh that walk on two stubby legs and use their disproportionately long arms to capture prey. A salivating, tooth-filled maw dominates their flat faces, and their armored skin is so tough that they can shrug off blaster bolts as little more than annoyances.


The Rancor will stalk the battlefield searching for its next meal. With this condition card, the Rancor will be placed in the center of the battlefield, making it difficult to achieve objectives, or reaching your opponent.


Large reptilian carnivores native to the planet Dathomir, standing around five meters tall, with immense jaws, and incredibly long arms making them formidable predators on the battlefield. The Rancor moves toward any object they consider prey.

Using their Hostile keyword, the Rancor will hunt down units who move within its domain. It would be wise to not get too close to the Rancor for it can use it’s Grab keyword to pull any unit towards it and deliver a heinous strike with it’s massive claws.

Reminder: This is a non-profit, unofficial expansion, and fan creation. Clever Clanker is not affiliated or sponsored by Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars, or Disney.


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